Friday 8 February 2019

Author Visits: Radcliffe Primary

I'd like to say a very big THANK YOU to Sophie Jacques and everyone I met at Radcliffe Primary School when I visited them last week!

I'd like to say an especially big thank you for their amazing PHOENIX STEP (above)! I've never had a step before, and was totally blown away to see Phoenix there, along with Harry Potter, The Cat In The Hat, and many more of my own favourite books.  What a brilliant way to celebrate reading – I wish we'd had steps like this when I was at school!

Radcliffe is a school where they've been reading both Phoenix and Varjak Paw, so it was a real pleasure to talk to Years 6, 5, 4 and 3 about writing and books.  There were many terrific questions – more than we had time to answer. So if anyone from Radcliffe would like to ask me another question, or to say anything about the visit or my books, just leave me a comment below!

It was then inspiring to do a creative writing workshop with some Year 6 & 5 students.  They were full of brilliant ideas, and in just an hour, they produced such original, entertaining and well-written stories – this is clearly a school with great writers as well as readers!

Finally, it was a pleasure at the end of the day to sign books for everyone who wanted them.  But if anyone missed out on getting a signed book, and would like one now, you can order them from the brilliant Pea Green Boat Books, who did a fantastic job on the day.  Thanks again to them, and to everyone who made this such a memorable visit!