Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does SF Said do author visits?
A: Yes he does - see here for more information!

Q: Does SF Said do social media?
A: Yes, he is active on Twitter as @whatSFSaid, has just started on Instagram, also as @whatsfsaid, and has a YouTube channel where he sometimes posts videos about reading, writing and books.

Q: How can I write to SF Said?
A: SF enjoys receiving letters.  Unfortunately, he doesn't have time to reply to every letter he receives, as if he did, he would never have time to write any more books!  You are much more likely to receive a response if you send him a tweet, or leave a comment on this site - but if you want to write a letter, please send it to:
SF Said
c/o David Fickling Books
31 Beaumont Street

Q: Will there be a third Varjak Paw book?
A: Yes there will, one day!  SF has written about this question here.  In the meantime, have you read his new book TYGER yet?