Saturday, 23 January 2016

Author Visits: Dundonald Primary

I had the great pleasure of visiting Dundonald Primary School last week, and meeting Years 4, 5 and 6.  We talked about reading and books, and it was inspiring for me to see how excited everyone was about their favourite stories.

Year 4 had been studying Varjak Paw, and they had some fantastic questions about how the book was written.  Years 5 & 6 had some terrific questions for me too, and it was a total pleasure to sign books for everyone at the end – thanks to the brilliant Pea Green Boat booksellers!

We didn't have quite enough time to answer all the questions that everyone had, so if anyone has any more questions they'd like to ask, or would like to say anything about the visit or my books, just leave me a comment in the box below!  In the meantime, here's Dave McKean's amazing Phoenix book trailer for anyone who would like to se it again:


Anonymous said...

My son loves your book - he's read it three times and can't put it down!!

SF Said said...

Thank you so much for that wonderful comment - that's an amazing thing for a writer to hear! Which one of my books has he been reading?

With best wishes to you both,
SF Said