Monday 14 November 2022

Author Visits: East Hunsbury Primary

I'd like to say a huge and heartfelt THANK YOU to Kathryn Pennington, Ruth DeChastelain, and all the amazing students and staff I met when I had the pleasure of visiting East Hunsbury Primary School last week!

I had a sense that this might be a brilliant visit when the school posted a picture of their librarian dressed as a tiger, with a copy of my new book TYGER!  

This is definitely a school that works tirelessly to inspire the love of reading, and it was wonderful to talk to Years 6, 5, 4 and 3 about reading and writing and books, and to hear all about their favourites.  

What I was not prepared for was the fact that they had decorated their doors with book covers – and put some of my books among them, alongside some of my own favourites!

It was a total pleasure to sign books at the end of the day for everyone who wanted a book.  But if anyone missed out and would like a signed book, you can order one from Pea Green Boat Books, who did the bookselling on the day.  And if anyone from East Hunsbury would like to ask me another question, or to say anything about the visit, just leave me a comment below!


Ruth de Chastelain said...

Thank you again SF for coming and making your visit with us truly memorable, for both the children and adults. The assemblies you did with the children were enthralling, and it was great for them to hear you share the journeys you went through for each one of your books. We are all still sharing our favourite parts of TYGER, and now some of us are on to re reads!
Please come again soon

SF Said said...

Thank you so much Ruth - it was a total pleasure to visit you, and to see all the amazing work you do to inspire the love of reading and books! And it's wonderful to hear that some of you are already re-reading TYGER - that really means a lot to me!

With very best wishes to everyone at East Hunsbury,

Anonymous said...

My daughter Matilda is in year 5 and loved your visit! She has talked about it non stop since then. You have inspired her to read more and write. Her signed copy Tyger takes pride of place on her bedside table. Thank you for giving your time to visit the school.

SF Said said...

What an amazing thing for an author to hear! Thank you so much for letting me know, and please thank Matilda for me too, and wish her happy reading - I hope she is enjoying her Tyger!

With best wishes,