Monday 25 November 2013

School Visits: Christ Church Primary, Crowland Primary & Beckford Primary

I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone I've met on school visits in the last couple of weeks!  Firstly, all the Year 4s & 5s at Christ Church Primary.

It was great visit, very enjoyable indeed!  It was amazing for me to meet people who were already reading Phoenix, and really interesting to hear about all the other things you've been reading and writing.  If you have any more questions or things you'd like to say about my books or about the visit, this is the place to do it!

I'd also like to say thank you to all the Year 6s at Crowland Primary, who gave me a great welcome on Friday!  I've had a couple of lovely comments already from Crowland students on this site:
Dear SF Said thank you for coming to Crowland primary school.For answering all are questions and reading a little of your new book Phoenix. 
Dear SF Said I really enjoyed your visit our school Crowland Primary School. I hope you can try to have a look at the question sheet I gave you. i didn't tell you my name but I am Tran. From Parrot class. I hope you had a great time to. I hope you can visit again. have a Great evening
Thank you both very much!  And Tran, thank you for your questions.  There are quite a lot of them, so I can't answer them all, but I will answer this one:
Do you have any advice for writing a great story or book?
Yes, I have lots of advice!  Actually, people ask me this question quite often, so I'm going to start doing a series of blog posts about it.  I think I'll call the series "About Writing", and hopefully I'll make the first post this week – so please come back next weekend and have a look and see!

Finally, I'd like to say a big thank you to all the Year 4s at Beckford Primary who I met today!  It was great to hear all your questions and thoughts about Varjak Paw and Phoenix.  And, given the fantastic painting in the entrance to your school (see above), you may be interested to know that the new book I'm writing at the moment is called TYGER!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, S.F.Said for visiting our school! I appreciate you coming to tell us all about your books!

The Head Girl, Vlada.

SF Said said...

Thank you Vlada for your lovely comment! I really appreciate your taking the time to leave me a message here. It was a pleasure to visit your school and meet you all; good luck with everything you do!

Anonymous said...

Dear SF Said thank you for your reply.I look really look forward to your new blog. Again thank you for your reply and answering at least one of my questions.

SF Said said...

You're very welcome! My first writing tips blog post is here. I'm hoping to do more in the weeks to come; you'll be able to find them all here!

Anonymous said...

Hello SF Said, I want to say thank you for coming to our school (Crowland Primary) I look forward to reading Phoenix.


SF Said said...

You're most welcome, Semir! I'm glad you enjoyed the visit, and I hope you enjoy reading Phoenix too!

Anonymous said...

My Daughter Lara is a Beckford pupil and she loves Varjak Paw! She was so happy that you came to her school. One problem is that she bought the two Varjak Paw books but they weren't signed. Any way this can be remedied?

SF Said said...

Hello, thank you for your comment. If you leave me another comment with your postal address, I can send you signed bookplates that Lara can stick into her books. (And don't worry, the comment won't be published online, no-one else will see it!)

Anonymous said...

Dear SF Said it has been quite a while since you have visited our school crowland about a year now i guess.My birthday is coming up February 10 so i am thinking about buying one of your books.I am now in secondary but i think your books are quite a favourite at our school. No matter what you will always be my top 5 favourite author you would be my #2.

I just hope you will be able to read my comment and i really enjoy your new blog it is a great help in some of my writing

Thank you
I forgot I am Tran

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say

The comment in red the first one where both from me


SF Said said...

Dear Tran,

Thank you so much for your brilliant comments! I'm really glad to hear my books are a favourite at your school, and that I'm in your top 5 authors - that's so kind of you! And I'm very glad to hear my blog is helping you with your writing – I've done quite a few writing tips since you asked me that question a year ago! I hope you'll enjoy reading Phoenix or Varjak Paw if you haven't read them yet...

With best wishes,
SF Said