Monday 27 February 2023

World Book Day 2023 - SF Said Reads Tyger!

For World Book Day this year, I've made a video of me reading from my new book TYGER!  Here it is – I hope you enjoy it!  And if you do, please pass it on to anyone else you know who might enjoy it too!


Ken Holehouse said...

Happy World Book Day. My student William, now age 11, says TYGER is one of the best books he's ever read. Last year, William's sister gave him a box of books she'd collected, and THE OUTLAW VARJAK PAW was one of the books in the box. He told me then how much he enjoyed reading descriptions of the snowy city and seeing how the characters fought in the story. We spent the last school year reading and loving your other two books and we could hardly wait until TYGER came out. It was impossible to find a copy of TYGER in central Wisconsin, but thanks to mail-order I ordered two copies through Ebay in January. William tells me that he's already looking forward to your next book; you have a couple of diehard fans in Midwest America.

SF Said said...

Dear Ken,

I can't thank you enough for this message - it really means the world to me. William sounds like an amazing reader, and I'm so glad to hear about how you and he have been reading my books, and about his wonderful response to Tyger. To be honest, I don't find writing easy - Tyger took me 9 years to write! - but all the endless hard work feels worthwhile when I hear a response like that, so thank you again, and please thank William for me too. I hope that Tyger will have a US publisher one day - but in the meantime, I really appreciate your dedication in tracking down copies of the book.

With best wishes to you both,
SF Said